Pirttimäki Café
Open daily from 10:00-16:00...


Pirttimäki Café & Lunch Restaurant

Open daily from 10:00-16:00...

Kunnarlantie 110, 02740 Espoo

Tel: 040-746 5077

e-mail: info@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi

web: www.pirttimaki-kahvila.fi


Our menu changes with the seasons but fresh home-made sandwiches on light and dark bread, pizzas, quiches, and soup can usually be found in Katrina’s kitchen. For desert there are her famous cinnamon buns, pies and other pastries. Beverages include milk, juices, freshly-brewed coffee, and tea.

Rooms for rent

Why not organize your lunch/dinner/evening party or business meeting here at Pirttimäki? We can comfortably handle up to 80 people distributed between the cafeteria and the fireplace salon (110 persons is the legal limit). See rooms for more details.


We can also arrange the food for your party or meeting that can last late into the evening. Our goal is that everyone will be well-fed and happy! Contact reservations@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi for more details.


Pirttimäki has two superb saunas that can be rented out for your enjoyment. Learn more about the saunas here.


Mmm ... this tastes so good!

We all know that physical exercise gets the body going and sharpens our senses ... and this makes food taste even better after being outside in clean and fresh air! If all your exertion has made you hungry, then why not stop by at Pirttimäki’s café and enjoy a wholesome and healthy meal? The café offers light snacks such as sandwiches and beverages to hardier meals such as home-cooked soups, quiches, as well as full-course meals, all at affordable prices.

Come and stop by the café and enjoy some good and healthy cooking ... either on your way to the hiking/skiing trails or on your way back. Or even if you just came to Pirttimäki to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air!