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Pirttimäki’s children-friendly

Pirttimäki has a fabulous playground for children of all ages ... and all seasons!

Over 10 different activities in the playground will keep your children entertained for hours! From an aerial “zip-line” (téléphérique in French) to climbing a spider’s web, a jungle-gym, and a balancing and coordination improvement device .... these are healthy activities that can be enjoyed by all. Old-fashioned but fun things like swings for babies and toddlers, a sandbox, and sit-on rocking animals exist to keep everyone happy. All to promote your child’s (and your!) health and physical well-being! In the winter tobogganing is a favorite activity since Pirttimäki has a “pulkkamäki” for every level of skill.

The playground is located 50 metres from the Pirttimäki’s Café and farther south is the football field. A high safety fence is positioned between the playground and the football field so children are safely protected from stray balls. In the evenings the playground is illuminated so children can keep on playing. If it starts to rain then you can take shelter in the takkatupa or the Pirttimäki Café.

Pirttimäki Café can help you organise birthday parties and other events for children. Please enquire at info@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi

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Open daily from 10:00-16:00...

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