Pirttimäki Café
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Party and meeting rooms

Why not organize your birthday/lunch/dinner party, after-sauna get-together, or business meeting here at Pirttimäki?

We can comfortably accommodate 80 people distributed between the cafeteria and the fireplace salon (110 people is the legal maximum for the building). And remember, we are ready to help you organize and supply the food and drink for your guests; whether it is just beverages (e.g., coffee/tea/juice/water), deserts, or full course buffet meals.

Your reservation can take place anytime during the day or evening and can continue late into the night. Please look at the images below and see if we can help you organize a memorable event at Pirttimäki!

For more information please contact reservations@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi.

Pirttimäki Café & Lunch Restaurant

Open daily from 10:00-16:00...

Kunnarlantie 110, 02740 Espoo

Tel: 040-746 5077

e-mail: info@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi

web: www.pirttimaki-kahvila.fi