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Pirttimäki’s saunas

Enjoying a traditional Finnish sauna is a superb way to warm up and relax after a day’s worth of hiking or skiing on Pirttimäki’s many trails. Pirttimäki has two great Finnish saunas, a wood-heated sauna that easily fits 6 people, and a larger electrically-heated sauna for 12 people ... or even a bit more. So go ahead and choose the one that will suit your needs better!

The saunas can be rented out to your group on an hourly basis. The minimal rental time is 3 hours and we’ll take care of the cleaning up afterwards. Your sauna event can take place anytime during the day or evening and can continue late into the night.

And remember that the Pirttimäki Café will be happy to cater food for your sauna evening to make it a perfect experience!

For more information about reserving a sauna please send your enquiry to: reservations@pirttimaki-kahvila.fi


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